Puhipuhi Mining Action Group’s reply to Straterra’s submission

Straterra Limited – an advocate group for big mining companies in New Zealand – has put in a submission to the Whangarei District Council’s Plan Review on Minerals.

Straterra makes its submission from the point of view that regulation needs to be set proportional to the matter being regulated, cost-effective, and fit for purpose, and also suggests that positive recognition of mining needs to be made in the district plan, with appropriate provision made for minerals activities. Among the other matters Straterra raises is that the nature of engagement between Maori and industry should be voluntary, and not mandatory- and the district plan needs to be re-worded in such a way that encourages, and does not require, engagement between exploration and mining companies and Maori.

The Puhipuhi Mining Action Group’s reply to Straterra’s submission is here.

A major factor in our submission was to state that:

Ngāti Hau and Ngāpuhi have never ceded sovereignty of their rohe to the Crown, and Ngāti Hau continues to be kaitiaki for this rohe and as such, they are committed to maintain wāhi tapu, wāhi tūpuna, the land, flora and fauna, water and air quality within their rohe, and to minimise or eliminate the risk to humans and other animal life forms through contamination and destruction of the environment.  Ngāti Hau tangata whenua are members of the Puhipuhi Mining Action Group, and are legally mandated to comment upon, make cultural assessments, monitor any exploratory or other mining works, and oppose should they wish to, any potential industrial event which they are concerned about.