Puhipuhi Claim Areas

Mining exploration is set to happen in Puhipuhi

DeGreys Claim Area

The Government has allocated a gold & silver mining exploration permit to De Grey Mining Ltd which take up over 61 square kilometres in Puhipuhi. This area (shown in red) is approximately 27 kilometres north of Whangarei and 30 kilometres south-east from Kawakawa.


This is a map of the claim area from De Grey’s website (http://www.degreymining.com.au/)

New Zealand Petroleum and Minerals (part of the New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment) in June 2013, released further 2 permits to De Grey Mining in the area – to the north and to the east of the above claim (shown outlined in yellow in the diagram below complete with the rivers and streams in the area).Puhipuhi claim areas and rivers